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raven rider




Firstly, thank you so much for heading over to my website and supporting my journey, the last year has been INSANE, never did I imagine my account and community would grow how it has in such a short time.  I am so grateful to every one of you that support, follow, engage and have sent me encouragement, positivity and opportunity.

My aim changed as my following grew, from what started as a journey documenting how my bike saved me from a dark place - I realised my videos were helping other new riders, those needing a community and those needing a real genuine journey of the good and bad parts of being a new rider.  

I am growing daily and with that I wanted to take steps to make sure I can be there to help others and give back to everyone who has been there for me.  Over the coming months I will be setting up a bunch of stuff for everyone to enjoy including events, competitions and giveaways, gaming and online events, newsletters with your questions and a new shop!  I want to thank you and my partners for making this possible, drop a subscribe to my mailing list and I promise to keep the good stuff coming!  

Stay positive and much love 


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